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flyball box

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The matting used on the pedal is ribbed tuff spun foam matting which is 13mm thick. Designed to absorb some of the impact from your dog with the rib finish to provide extra grip.

The ball face plate matting is available in two options

Option 1 Tuff spun pebble finish which is a 10mm thick foam matting similar to what is used on the pedal. this option can have a shorter lifespan depending on the dogs turn but does provide more cushioning for the dog.

Option 2  Semi rigid foam which again is 10mm thick but made from a much harder foam. This foam is much harder wearing than the tuff spun but provides less cushioning forthe dog.

Competition regulations

The Edge flyball box is a mechanically triggered box that conforms to the British Flyball Association's rules and regulations and is now widely seen on the flyball circuit.


H 450mm  x  W 600mm  x  D 750mm


17.5 kg


Starting from £795 please enquire to discuss your requirements

Frame Construction

The main body of the box is made from 20mm thick high strength white plastic, which is strong, light & maintenance free.

There is a large area on both sides of the frame and lid that can be customised with club logos etc to make your box stand out from the crowd. Please see bespoke graphics or enquire for more details.

The pedal is made from 10mm thick high density plastic which is capable of taking the force from larger dogs.


Aluminium Shooters

The box is supplied with 2 aluminium shooters with easy spring tension adjustment.

The shooters are loaded from the front simply by pushing the rubber pad in until it locks.

The distance between the shooters can be custom made to your requirements.  Please enquire for more details.

Non Slip

The underside of the box is covered with black grip tape similar to what is used on skate boards this helps with making the box a secure platform. two smaller panels of grip tape are used for the loader to help brace for the impact.

The box also has two reinforced holes located one on each side for ground anchors. these can be drilled larger to fit your preferred peg size.

box specification

Flyball Warehouse is the home of 'The Edge' flyball box which originally started life as a home training box for one of our dogs. The basic idea for the box started with the front pedal angle as we needed to create a steeper surface to try and help with the dog 'hanging' on the box.

The next stage was to create a fast firing trigger system which would work together with the steeper angle. There was no point in reducing the hang time if there was no ball there to back it up and from that 'The Edge' was created.